Bounce the ball as many times as you can in this challenging game.

Grab both controls to move and rotate your paddle. Once the ball drops, you must use your skills to keep it under control. Avoid letting your ball get blown off screen by the wind.


Global Leaderboard

Ponguino has a global leaderboard that shows the score and name of the highest scoring plays ever made. Any player can make it on the leaderboard if they get enough bounces.


Every bounce you score earns you one point. These points can be used to purchase paddles from the store. The store offers a colorful selection of paddles including a rainbow paddle that changes color over time.

Daily Challenge

The daily challenge adds red target balls to the screen that do not move. You must hit your ball into the red balls to score points. Each daily challenge has a different target number of points.


Ponguino is available for both iOS and Android.


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