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Created and run by Nicholas Zivkovic

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Tile Game is a Chrome extension created with a similar idea to a piano tiles game. The difference is that Tile Game is made as a Chrome extension, unlike other similar games. This makes Tile Game accessable to the majority of people, including students and workers who spend many hours of their days in front of computers.

My goal with Tile Game was to make a fun game that could be played in a matter of seconds and also be hidden quickly. I thought of this idea in a research class where teachers would be observing to catch students playing games, so the controls of Tile Game were designed to mimic typing in a way that a teacher or boss couldn't tell easily that you were not working.


Tile Game has been in the Chrome Web Store for a while now... since April 30, 2018! But, that was not how Tile Game started.

Before Tile Game
A majority of my first Chrome extensions were math tools which I used primarily to get homework done quicker or to double check my work. Eventually, I got annoyed with having so many different icons to click on and I combined my math tool Chrome extensions into one main mathematical "fun" extension called School Helper. P.S. If you are in the basic High School math classes like Geometry and Algebra, you should look into School Helper. It exists as an iOS app and a Chrome extension.

Tile Game makes an appearance!
As I added more features to my mathematical chrome extension, I realised that something big was wrong with it: It was BORING! This is when I began to create Tile Game. Before long, School Helper had a new little icon on its home screen... You can probably guess what it was.

Tile Game early days
At first, Tile Game wasn't very complicated or impressive. It was just a little break from work with no goal and nothing to build up to. there were no options for changing background or tile colors, and when you did great, there was no leaderboard to place on.

The boom of features and the separation
Not long into a game of Tile Game, you would start to feel lonely, as if you were in a cave with just you and your computer, no connections, no colors, no fun. After realizing this, I had to make Tile Game have a more friendly appeal and have more of a meaning to play. This is when I decided to make accounts. One simple change gave birth to limitless options of features to improve the quality of gameplay. You could now dress your Tile Game in different backgrounds, play with different color tiles, and finally, you could compete with every other player who has played the game to get a spot on the leaderboard. Somewhere along this rapid growth, I decided to rip Tile Game off the back of School Helper and make it into its own Extension. This proved to be a good decision as people who didn't want math related tools could play Tile Game without any scary words like vector or trigonometry haunting them.

The present
Tile Game has seen rapid growth since its detachment from School Helper. It has hit a peak of around 615 weekly users (according to the Chrome Web Store Dashboard) and has seen over 200 users create accounts.

As a final note, I would like to personally thank everyone who has played Tile Game and I hope that many more people find it as fun as I found making it.